Yerevan Mall Bonus Card: Terms & Conditions


  1. What is a Bonus Card?

Yerevan Mall Bonus Card allows you to accumulate cashback from your purchases made and and later, after accumulating 200 AMD or more, use the bonus amount on purchases from KinoPark and Captain Kid or on Yerevan Mall services.


  1. How does the Bonus Card work and what are the benefits?


* Each cardholder of Yerevan Mall Bonus Program receives 3% cashback by purchasing from any of the stores located in Yerevan Mall.

* To register a cashback, a cardholder with his / her cash register receipts (the minimum value of a cash register receipt is not set) should approach the Yerevan Mall Customer Service and register his / her cash register receipts or scan/take a picture of the cash register receipts and attach them in the My Cash Register Receipts section of his/her personal page. In case of purchases from KinoPark and Captain Kid's Treasure Island, the receipts are registered on the spot – in the ticket booth.

* Cash register receipts remain in the Yerevan Mall Customer Service / KinoPark / Captain Kid’s Treasure Island and are non-refundable upon registration. If a return of a purchased product is foreseen, we recommend not to submit the corresponding cash register receipts after the return expiration date.

* Cashback is accumulated in the following way:

Purchase from Yerevan Mall accumulates 3% up to 200,000 AMD.

* More than 200,000 AMD is accumulated by 0.3%.

* 0.3% cashback will be accumulated from purchases from Carrefour supermarket

* A purchase made at KinoPark and Captain Kid’s Treasures Island accumulates 5% cashback.

* More than 200,000 AMD is accumulated by 0.5%.


o The registered receipt is considered active for 3 months, after which the cashback from that receipt is withdrawn from your account.

o A cardholder can accumulate a cashback of 1,000,000 (one million) AMD within one month.

o Employees of Yerevan Mall along with staff members of Yerevan Mall tenants can receive a Yerevan Mall Bonus Card.

o The Bonus Card accumulates a cashback from up to 2 receipts of purchases made from each shop within 1 day (One purchase/receipt can include any number of items).

* A cardholder cannot transfer his/her accumulated cashback to another cardholder.

* A customer cannot own more than one card.

* Cardholders' cashback can be spent using the services provided by Yerevan Mall or making purchases at KinoPark and Captain Kid’s Treasure Island.

* The cashback received from both KinoPark and Captain Kid’s Treasure Island can also be used for services provided by Yerevan Mall.


* In order to use the services offered, you need to accumulate a cashback with an amount corresponding to the cost of the desired service.

* The cardholder can check his/her cashback online at


Who can get a Yerevan Mall Bonus Card?


* Anyone making a lump sum or cumulative purchase of 15,000 AMD or more from Yerevan Mall can receive a Yerevan Mall Bonus Card and will be able to submit the corresponding cash register receipts to the Yerevan Mall Customer Service.

* Regarding the cash register receipts received from KinoPark and Captain Kid's Treasure Island, 10,000 AMD is set as the required overall value of the receipts.

* Regarding the cash register receipts received from Foodcourt or other food outlet, 10,000 AMD is set as the required overall value of the receipts.

* To receive a card, you only need to submit cash registers issued no longer than one month ago, i.e. the period between the oldest and the newest one should not exceed 1 (one) month.

* At the time of receiving the card, the customer’s photo is taken by the staff member of the Customer Service, which is attached to the cardholder's personal page.

* After receiving the card, a message is sent to the cardholder's e-mail along with the card activation link. After activating the card, the cardholder can access his personal page at any time to get acquainted with the cashback system and the available services.

* A minimum value for cash register receipts is not set.

* Service centers (banks, mobile operators, etc.) operating in Yerevan Mall are not involved in the project – thus cash registers issued by these objects are not accepted when the Bonus Card is issued or when accumulating cashback (excluding cash register receipts from mobile phone stores).

* In order to accumulate cashback, cardholders can only submit cash register receipts of purchases made in the last 90 days.

* In case of losing the card, the cardholder should inform Yerevan Mall about the loss of the card in order to deactivate it and get a new one (the cardholder should present his / her ID passport).


  1. How to use the cashback


* After activating the card, the cardholder can see the cost of the services on their personal page.

* In order to use any of the services available, the cardholder should click on the corresponding picture of the service and then take the necessary steps. When the service is selected, it will appear in the "Transaction History" section.

* The cardholder has spent the accumulated cashback or used it for any services, he/she cannot recover the cashback-amount.

* To use cashback, the cardholder must present the card to the cash desk at KinoPark or Captain Kid's Treasure Island, while to use the service, he/she must present the card to the Customer Service department to receive the service receipt.

* The service receipt should be stamped with the "Bonus Card" stamp of the Bonus Card Project.

* The receipt of the service must be submitted to the party providing the service, in order that the service is received and enjoyed by the cardholder.

* After activating a service, the cardholder cannot exchange it with another service or with the cashback

* You can spend the cashback accumulated from KinoPark and Captain Kid's Treasure Island on purchases in the ticket booth, by using the Bonus Card.


  1. Other clauses


* The Bonus Card may be withdrawn by Yerevan Mall if the card is actually held by a third party, instead of the cardholder himself/herself.

* If the customer is presented with another customer bonus cards, then the employee of Yerevan Mall customer service has the right to take the corresponding cards and deactivate them.

* In case of exchange of receipts between cardholders in Yerevan Mall Customer Service, Customer Service Officer has the right to withdraw the bonus card from cardholders involved in the case and deactivate it.

* KinoPark and Captain Kid's Payments made via Idram do not accumulate cashback

* In case you pay a part of the purchase amount with your accumulated cashback, the rest of the amount cannot be paid via Idram

* Payments made via Bonus Card are not subject to return

In case of possible differences between the Armenian and English versions of this particular document, decisions and actions are made upon the basis of the Armenian version.