Gift Card Terms and Conditions

  1. The Gift card recipient must appear at "Yerevan Mall" Customer Service with an ID document and receive the password to the card (PIN code) by signing the corresponding agreement with "ID Bank" CJSC on issuing and service of the card. The third party may use the Gift Card in the manner, to the extent and under conditions, and has the rights and responsibilities set forth in this Application-Agreement. The applicant is obliged to inform the third party about the rules of using the system (Gift Card as a means of payment) and the terms of this Application-Agreement.
  2. After receiving the password the cardholder will be able to check the balance of the Gift Card via any ATM.

           c / Gift Card is a bank payment card and it allows to make purchases / payments at all shops of "Yerevan Mall" shopping and entertainment complex located at 34/3 Arshakunyats             Street, Yerevan, Armenia,  where non-cash payments via payment cards are possible (a POS terminal is operating).

  1. The amount on the Gift Card is not subject to cashing or use in virtual environments (online shopping). The applicant unconditionally accepts the condition that there is no possibility of cashing and agrees to use the money paid for the Gift Card only when making purchases in the shopping and entertainment centers of Yerevan Mall Shopping and Entertainment Complex during the period of validity of the Gift Card specified in this Agreement.
  2. The gift card is valid until the date indicated on the card.
  3. After the expiration date of the gift card, it is not subject to re-issuance, and the balance of the existing amount is not subject to return to the cardholder. The applicant unconditionally accepts the condition on using the amount contained in the Gift Card within the validity period of the Gift Card and the condition of impossibility of returning the balance of the amount, in case of not using the amount within the established period.
  4. The card contract will be signed only with the person for whom the gift card is purchased and whose information is provided by the applicant.
  5. In any case, ''ID Bank'' CJSC and ''Yerevan Mall'' LLC (including the shopping and entertainment centers located in the territory of ''Yerevan Mall Shopping and Entertainment Complex'') will not be responsible for the cases when a random person makes a purchase after providing the necessary password, as it is due to a presenter. In this case, the cardholder bears the risk concerning immediate informing ''ID Bank'' CJSC or ''Yerevan Mall'' LLC about the loss of the Gift Card.
  6. The shopping and entertainment centers operating in the territory of "Yerevan Mall" Shopping and Entertainment complex have the right to reject the cardholder's request to make a transaction through the Gift Card only due to software issues it is impossible to use the system.
  7. "ID Bank" CJSC and "Yerevan Mall" LLC have the right to make changes in the rules of using the system (Gift Card as a means of payment) at any time without prior notice. "ID Bank" CJSC and "Yerevan Mall" LLC post the corresponding information about the changes and entry into force of those changes on their official websites.
  8. By obtaining the Gift Card, activating and using, as well as signing this Application-Agreement, the Applicant unconditionally gives his / her consent to use the Gift Card (Gift Card as a means of payment), in accordance with the rules of terms and conditions set forth in this Application-Agreement.
  9. The card can be reissued in case of additional payment of 2000 AMD, within the period of validity mentioned on the card.


* In case of possible differences between the Armenian and English versions of this particular document, decisions and actions are made upon the basis of the Armenian version.